Education is Cool

Possibly the biggest problem in this country, unfortunately, is that most of its people are ignorant and/or stupid.  Smart kids get made fun of in grade school and high school for being geeks.  Southern rednecks refer to college-educated people as coastal elites.  Stupid assholes like Rick Santorum and the people who vote for him think that religion is more important than education.  Unless you want to be a priest, that is bullshit.  Urban ghetto kids think you are a loser if you even go to school, which is why most of them never get out of the ghetto.

Somewhere along the line, whether it is parents or teachers (and it should be both), education needs to be incentivized.  Kids need to learn that they’re not going to get a job like their dad at the local factory making $60k/year with benefits and a pension.  It’s a different world now, but very few people seem to recognize that.  You will not be competing with little Joey down the street for your first job.  You will be competing with little Nabhij from India, and that fucking kid is under no false impression as to how smart he needs to be in order to get ahead in this world.

A lot of American kids get their parents to spend a shitload of money to go to college so they can join fraternities, do keg stands and bang chicks.  They major in Sociology, Physical Education, Art History or some other bullshit field of study that provides no marketable value in the workplace.  Meanwhile, the Indian kid goes to the same college, majors in Computer Science or Chemical Engineering, spends all of his time in the science library, and he thinks it is cool to be smart.  If I’m running a company, I will hire the Indian kid over the American prick any day of the week.  So don’t complain about foreigners taking your jobs.  Grow a pair of balls and don’t let them take your fucking job.

I do recognize that the ridiculous cost of higher education eliminates many kids from even attempting to achieve it.  Well here is another news flash:  you don’t have to go to some fancy school to get an education.  Instead of buying your $400 sneakers or your $600 handbag, go out and buy a fucking computer.  It is 2012 and they aren’t expensive anymore.  You can learn anything you want over the internet.  If nothing else, you will have access to information from all over the world, and you can figure out what the hell you want to do in life.  Also, if the cost of education is your biggest hurdle, at least vote for candidates who want to subsidize it and make it less expensive.  Don’t be a stupid redneck and blame the government for all your problems.

In my view, the first part of the higher education process needs to be teaching kids why education is important.  If a middle class kid goes to college but doesn’t really want to learn, it is a waste of time and money.  The piece of paper doesn’t mean shit anymore.  You can wipe your ass with a college degree nowadays, so don’t waste money on it if you plan to fuck around for four years.  You can do that anywhere.  Once you learn why it is necessary to learn, then it might be time to go to school.  If you come from a family that views educated people as elitist douchebags, than I feel bad for you, but it is still no excuse.  In this case, you need to recognize that the people in your family are probably stupid redneck assholes, and they are clinging to a world that doesn’t exist anymore.  Fuck them, and go buy a computer.  If you are a poor kid in the ghetto who is too cool for school, than I feel bad for you too.  But you should still recognize the value of an education (regardless of how you get it).  The smart gangsters are the ones who don’t get caught.  If you think it’s cool to be ignorant and stupid, get used to prison.

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