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Our country is headed for trouble. I am not speaking about climate change, economic depression, or famine. Most of that is hype driven by the media and reports of that nature have existed for hundreds of years; comets hitting the earth, worldwide nuclear destruction, impending ice age, impending global warming, etc. To all the climate change people, let me just get one thing out of the way. The climate has always changed and will continue to change. The nature of that change also…changes, it is volatile. Sometimes the change is quick, sometimes the change is slow, but one thing to remember is the earth is many billions of years old and we only have significant climate reports and records for a statistically insignificant amount of that time. In the 70s the mass media ran reports warning of an impending ice age, in the 90s it was global warming and now they have even backed off of that phrase and replaced it with “climate change.” Use your brain to critically analyze why you are being told these things. Who is telling you, and what are their motives? In 100 years, New York City will not be underwater and the polar bear population will be quite robust. Book it. Now that we have gotten climate change out of the way, I would like to connect the psychology behind the individuals who shove this issue down our throats to the real growing problem in our country.

As it relates to climate change, we think that just because the ocean levels moved up a couple inches, there must be impending disaster. And in what is an even more obtuse line of thinking, people actually think humans are the cause! Guess what? We are not that fucking special (or powerful) to change the climate of the earth in any way! The climate at any particular point is the intersection of many thousands of variables, and humans are very, very low on this list, and probably should not be on it. The position in the galaxy relative to the sun, the angle of the earth’s rotation, solar flares, and many other geo-spacial factors which I am not qualified to speak about, are much higher on this list. To think that individuals and humans in general are this special is a very dangerous line of thinking and is the biggest problem facing this country. If all of this sounds familiar you probably watched the late George Carlin perform at some point.

The biggest problem facing America today is not terrorism, the economy, or climate change. The biggest problem facing America is the mindset the general populace has adopted and how we are raising the next generation to think that everybody is special. Guess what? You are not that fucking special, and in fact, you are not special at all, in any way. The participation trophy generation is going to be the least skilled, apathetic, and softest generation of Americans ever. This is particularly dangerous because going forward, when we actually do face problems like economic downturns or terrorist attacks, we are going to have very few people equipped to adequately deal with those problems and find long standing solutions. We are so worried about not hurting anyone’s feelings that we are now afraid to reward those individuals who actually accomplish something. There are kids out there, albeit it very few, who actually work their asses off at something and are naturally talented. They eat, breathe, and sleep their particular craft and fucking train their asses off dripping fucking sweat and blood and throwing up 300lb power cleans and guess what, maybe your little Johnny was not as good as these types growing up. Accept it, and tell Johnny to throw away his participation trophy and accept the fact that a combination of inferior family genetics and lack of motivation caused him to fail relative to other participants. Tell him if he wants to accomplish something in life, he is going to have to put it to the grindstone and work the old fashioned way. Even then, let him know he will probably fail. Our country is removing failure from the equation. Failure is a great thing. It teaches us our limits and how to deal with adversity and overcome it. The best athletes and the greatest minds constantly bring their bodies and minds to the point of failure. By repeatedly testing the fail point, day by day they extend that fail threshold to a point which is light years further than that of anyone else. That is why they are the best, so fucking deal with it. We need to start teaching our kids that failure is a good thing, and so is adversity for that matter. It is a mental disease to think otherwise.

Political correctness is the sick offspring of this “I am or we are” special mentality. It is the idea that each race, religion, heritage, and culture is special and we must not offend any particular group for any reason. It is a big deal because almost every large employer in the United States has policies in place which ensure you will be fired if you even tread the line or insinuate any criticism of another person based on race, religion, creed, etc. In much the same way as little Johnny’s inferior genetics earned him last place in the race, each culture or subset of humans has different strengths and weaknesses. Making criticism of these weaknesses illegal is not the answer. Stereotyping, inherently, is based on certain statistical truths. Going through 85 year old Mary Jones’s suitcase at the airport is not going to prevent terrorist attacks.

On a high level, it is disadvantageous to breed a whole generation under the “I am special” pretext because we are setting ourselves up for failure on many fronts. These individuals, when relied upon to be the driver for our economy, will not know how to deal with…failure. On an interpersonal level, dealing with these assholes is abhorrent. I am talking about the people who spend the majority of their time grooming themselves or adjusting their Facebook profile. Most of the time, their profiles are much cooler, and much more interesting than the people themselves. Many times I have looked at the profile and said, wow, I know this person, they are not that funny, athletic, kind, or personable at all. These people always wear the nicest clothes and spend countless hours at gyms doing exercises which focus on the sexy, but useless muscles such as the biceps. They almost always have improper form which strains their lower back, neck or both. (I will go in depth into proper nutrition and exercise on future blogs.) These are people whose parents told them they were so fucking special growing up that all they can do is obsess over themselves. Usually these people accomplish very little in life and have very little depth intellectually. They usually tip very poorly, are not good listeners, and think they are entitled to everything including raises and benefits. You know what? If you’re that fucking worried about a raise or getting more vacation time, don’t argue with your boss about it, build your own company. Work your ass off and build something from scratch from which you can derive steady income year by year and someday be your own boss. These over-privileged assholes always pass the problem off to someone else because they do not know how to deal with it. So now, as the boss, some little prick with no experience is making it your problem that they are not getting paid enough. I would say “oh yeah? Not my fucking problem.” Wages are simple supply and demand. If you want more money, get an advanced degree or find a way to sufficiently differentiate yourself from the pack. Too often, people will argue and bitch about everything, but offer nothing in terms of a solution.

This culture shift is the biggest problem facing America in the near future. We are a country filled with over privileged, unmotivated, self-obsessed assholes who feel they are entitled to everything. But they do not have the skills or work ethic to deserve anything. Then every time an election comes up, we all complain about Bush or Obama like we deserve better. Well guess what… our politicians are a reflection on us, our society, and our values. So we do not deserve better.

The frustrating part of all of this is that we are so close to really achieving our potential as a nation. The United States is the richest and most powerful nation in human history. We have more access to healthcare, wealth, and technology than any other civilization that has ever existed. All of the tools to achieve happiness for all are here, we just need to focus more and breed new generations of independent thinkers who are highly motivated and capable of critical thinking, and we need to stop the constant intake of pure shit. We need to turn off American Idol, close down our Facebook accounts, and stop eating obscene amounts of McDonalds. Every once in a while, it is fun to watch, listen to, look at, or eat total shit. But way too many of us are doing it way too much. This is the bullshit we are fed, and we are just loving it and asking for more. Then we all complain about the inept and corrupt politicians and Wall Street CEOs. Stop being cattle and stop complaining. Worry about yourselves and keeping a strong household in order. Send the kids outside after school to be kids. Let them fight their own battles because it builds character. Hell, let them fight and let them get hurt. Let them fail. Maybe after a couple generations worth of true character building, the politicians and CEOs in power will reflect higher values and have characteristics like humility, generosity, mental toughness, and wisdom, and if they don‘t maybe we will have enough people out there with big enough balls to actually do something about it, instead of just taking it up the ass like we do now. We need to acknowledge our shortcomings and weaknesses as individuals and as a society, accept them, and work to improve ourselves and the lives of others in the future. Maybe someday if we work hard enough to raise more highly skilled generations, just maybe we will see some true progress. At that point maybe we could look around at one another and the civilization we’ve built and say “hey, this is pretty special.”

– Dennis Wise (guest blogger)

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