Germany Forgets

Europe is obviously a mess right now, which is why I have been up all night waiting for ‘Super’ Mario Draghi (president of the European Central Bank) to give a press conference and hopefully save the global economy.  Spain and Italy will go bankrupt if someone doesn’t step in and start buying their fucking bonds.  And as go Spain and Italy, so goes the future of the Euro.  It shouldn’t be a difficult decision really.  They need to do the same thing our Federal Reserve did in 2009 – print money, buy government bonds, and bring down borrowing costs.  What the fuck are they waiting for?

Unfortunately, they are waiting for permission from Germany to do anything.  Angela Merkel is essentially holding the world hostage because she doesn’t believe these fucked up countries have suffered enough.  She wants to enforce draconian austerity measures on them to clean up their budget deficits, regardless of how bad it destroys economic growth or personal well-being.  Granted, there needs to be changes in the way these countries operate financially.  But it will not happen overnight.  Meanwhile, the entire global economy has come to a standstill, waiting for Europe to get their shit together.  I’m just a jerkoff American with a blog, but even I know what needs to be done over there.

First of all, these German shitheads should be happy they even have a fucking country.  They can’t forgive Spain and Italy for mismanaging their budgets?  Even if doing so would put the global economy back on a path to prosperity?  Apparently Angela Merkel and her douchebag political allies forget what country they represent.  This is the same country that started two world wars and slaughtered 6 million innocent people for no fucking reason.  The rest of the world forgave them for all that shit.  Hell, if we wanted to be assholes, we could have sold Germany to France after WW2.  But for the greater good, we did not destroy them.

So Angela, please come back from vacation.  It’s ridiculous how much vacation you lazy fucks take anyway.  Then you need to work with the ECB and establish a bond-buying program to stabilize the Euro.  Stop being a dumb bitch, and remember your country’s history.  Be thankful that the rest of the world has allowed Germany to exist, and stop trying to throw your weight around.

– Kevin

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