The Deficit

Can any normal American honestly tell me that they worry about the U.S. fiscal deficit when they get up in the morning and when they go to bed at night?  The answer is no, of course not.  People care about jobs, healthcare, education and fringe issues such as guns and abortion (these shitheads are a lost cause anyway).  The population is too stupid to understand how the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve function, and they sure as hell have no idea about global currency dynamics that affect the cost of funding for U.S. government programs.

Now, all of the sudden, people start giving a shit about the fiscal deficit in America because southern European countries such as Greece are technically bankrupt.  And politicians are trying to scare people into thinking that the same outcome is right around the corner for the U.S.  This of course is total bullshit, and anyone who compares the U.S. and Greek governments as equal players in the global economy is beyond stupid.  Unfortunately, we live amongst moron voters who elected reckless fools in Congress who actually believe this shit.  The Greeks did not even collect taxes, corruption was rampant, they have no natural resources, and they have no control over their currency.  How does this compare to the United States?

First off, we have the reserve currency of the world, bitches.  Nobody seems to recognize that.  Every fucking thing from oil, gasoline, corn, lean hogs and paper clips are priced in U.S. dollars.  Our Treasury can issue 10 year debt at interest rates well below 2%.  There is no inflation in sight.  Developing countries don’t even want the reserve currency because they all depend on exports for their growth.  They would rather have cheap currencies so their goods and services are more attractively priced to consumer nations such as the U.S.  The euro sure as hell doesn’t seem to be any competition at this point.  Japanese Yen?  Don’t make me laugh.  Investors around the world are buying up U.S. Treasuries faster than we can issue the fucking things.  So to all you blowhards, shut the fuck up about the crippling deficit that is destroying our country.  This is a long-term problem, a generational issue.  This is not something that we should even be talking about right now.

How about getting me a fucking job?  I don’t give too shits about the deficit.  At these low rates, we should be levering up with 30 year bonds and investing in infrastructure projects across the nation.  If governors don’t want to take the stimulus money, then shove it down their fucking throats.  This would create thousands of blue-collar construction jobs.  When people have jobs, they pay taxes and stop receiving welfare.  When a larger percentage of the population participates in this economic recovery, tax receipts will increase exponentially over time, and eventually we will be in a surplus.  Look back and read about the Clinton years if you don’t believe me.

And giving rich people a bunch of tax breaks does nothing for economic growth.  These are the same fucks who are buying U.S. Treasuries.  They aren’t spending the money or investing in capital projects.  They are hoarding it like bitches, because rich people only have one goal in life: to stay rich.  They don’t have the balls to invest in this environment.  But if you give some poor schmuck a few bucks, I guarantee you he will spend that shit.  And if you extrapolate this trend across the broader middle class, it will grow the economy from the bottom up.

These same shithead pundits and politicians will also tell you that the current economic recovery is weak because of too much government spending and an overwhelming current account deficit.  This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.  Our entire global financial system collapsed, so the government had to step in and restore confidence.  Government is the only entity that can provide demand when the private sector is falling apart.  This used to be common knowledge.  Now all of the sudden, Keynesian economics is considered some type of liberal, hippy, socialist crusade.  We need to cut Medicare and Social Security benefits in order to preserve our freedom?  Get the fuck out of here.  These assholes can’t possibly believe all the bullshit they say, at least most of them.  But they are able to convince their idiot constituents to get all fired up about it.  All of the sudden, everyone thinks they are an expert on global economics.  Half of Congress has no idea how money moves around the world, but they never shut up about it.  Do your own homework, read ‘The Noonan World Report,’ and stop listening to the stupid fucks on TV and talk radio.

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