The Fiscal Slope

the-fiscal-slope (BF pic)Everybody get your guns, hide in the basement, and pray to your respective gods. The so-called fiscal cliff is looming. Or you could just go about your daily business and shut the fuck up, because there is no fiscal cliff. I don’t know who coins these little catch phrases, but the media eats them up like candy. This sequestration deal that both Republicans and the White House agreed upon pertains to tax increases and spending cuts that will occur over the next ten years. I’m sorry but ten years does not constitute a cliff. It is more like a weak slope that you couldn’t even sled down. And this issue certainly can be resolved at some point over the next decade.

NWR hopes there is no deal. If not, it will mark the end of the Republican Party. They seem to forget they just got their asses kicked in the last election. Boehner talks like he’s holding a straight flush and he’s gonna call the President’s bluff. Why the hell would Obama give an inch? He just kicked your ass in the election. Do you really think the American people, particularly the middle-class & poor, will blame Obama for tax increases that would result from this sequestration? No. They will blame the douchebag, redneck Republican-controlled House of Representatives, or as I like to call them – The House of Cunts. There aren’t enough rich old white men left in this country to keep the Republican Party afloat. Dig your own grave Boehner, and then cry like a little bitch.

All you have to do is agree to raise taxes on 2% of the population, and the White House will probably cut a deal. I don’t care what your bullshit reasoning is against such a measure – job creators, wealth destruction, punishing success, etc. The people just voted, and they aren’t buying that shit. Wealthy individuals and corporations are hoarding cash, not creating jobs. You don’t believe me? Look at any large-cap company’s balance sheet. They only seem to spend money on Republican campaigns, and that ship has sailed. So why the fuck would they start hiring people? I said it before and I’ll say it again: Supply-side economics is nothing but propaganda. This is an indisputable fact, and apparently the American people agree. Otherwise, they would have voted for the rich douchebag instead of the black guy.

So take a stand Boehner, and stick to your dumbass principles. Rally all the assholes in your caucus to support the cause. And when you sink the middle-class, you will have effectively destroyed the future of your whole bullshit conservative movement. I wish you all the luck in the world. Go fuck yourself – literally.

– Kevin

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